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      SUCH A DEAL by Thomas Putnam

      b27 21Free? Yep, absolutely free. The Zoomed Staged Readings Series—all eight of them—are admission free. We've heard from so many people about how much it meant to them to attend one of the zoomed performances last weekend, seeing a production filmed in a theatre, being able to dialogue following the performance. It was good to be experiencing a Hamilton-Gibson Production once again, if even via zoom.

      We are very happy to offer these eight weekends. We explored a lot of different things we could be doing and the combination of a staged reading with live dialogue following made sense. Short performances—around 30 minutes—and all very accessible via zoom. We thought about streaming them through our ticket agency, but we discounted that because we couldn't have the talk-backs. And we wanted it to be accessible to everyone. 

      And we're thrilled to be using our collective creativity once again. The rehearsals (zoomed) are enriching and fun and good. Working with Ken VanSant and Rob Garrison and the Deane Center is good. Exploring new scripts that would lend themselves to zooming and that are entertaining and that have some substance is all good. 

      In addition to all the realities above is the one reality that we need money to keep going. There are expenses to keeping an office open, to making payroll for employees, to obtaining the license to perform the pieces—the royalties, to purchase of scripts, to payment of crew. We love doing this; but it does take money. We have gotten no box office in the last 12 months anywhere close to what we normally are able to realize. We produced radio shows and THE VIEW FROM HERE and STRAY CATS with a few handsful of audience members. We produced IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE and A CHRISTMAS CAROL and streamed them and realized a particle of what we are normally able to realize. The usual eight performances of A CHRISTMAS CAROL on a typical Dickens weekend generate funds that keep us going for a long time. 

      Please, please, join us to see the wonderful staged reading production of FJ Hartland's POSTCARDS FROM A DEAD DOG tonight at 7:30 and tomorrow at 2:30. Please join us and stay for the talk-backs. But please realize we need your contribution to this project that we are doing our best to provide in the intermission of Covid restrictions. Go to the website www.hamiltongibson.org and click on the support button. Or send us a check at 29 Water Street, Wellsboro. Our usual admission to a main-stage production is $12; we would be grateful for any donation. Thank you.

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