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      READY...SET...ZOOM by Thomas Putnam and Phil Waber

      b20 21By now most of the country is well-versed with Zooming Schools and businesses and churches and families and non-profits and sports teams and... Well, did we even know the word “zoom” in any other context than that of going very fast, as in “he zoomed past in his new hot rod.” Now, little kids are very familiar with it.


      As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, a friend of mine claims everyone is so tired of zooming that they won't tune in to the meeting tonight at 7:30, or tomorrow at 2:30. I'm thinking that zooming is now simply part of our daily lives, like dial phones...no wait, push button phones...no wait, flip phones....no wait... Zooming is part of what we do. And assuredly Zoom won't have a monopoly; there are already other programs that can allegedly do the same thing only better.

      And in spite of how much my friend thinks no one will want to join a meeting to listen to some people read some poems, inviting folks to join us. Eight actors, one director, one cameraman, one sound man. Working together to create something to share with you. One of those eight actors, Phil Waber of Mansfield adds to the invitation:


      Blessings from the Pandemic: Having been involved with community theater for many years and with HG  since 2005, I have been blown away with the dedication and creativity of the participants and supporters.  This current project of continuing outreach to our community and hopefully the world is a unique experience. Being a member of the initial FREE Zoom presentation cast, it was a blast. Our show was a by the seat of our pants production - one read through by Zoom, one full cast run through in person (social distance protocols followed) and then the actual presentation. Looking forward to the actual sharing with the public. Please follow the series.

      I hope you can join us tonight or tomorrow afternoon. The whole thing will be about an hour. Tune in or tune out whenever you'd like, but we hope you'll stay for some dialogue. Be safe. Be warm, Watch the ice. Listen to some poetry.

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