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      Johnny Cash's birthday today . I bet you didn't know that. Yep, born in 1932 out in Arkansas, the fourth of seven children.

      As sometimes happens when we're pl anning a season, I'm either not familiar with or fond of a particular show, but for various reasons I either suggest or go along with a suggestion. When a committee decides anything there is rarely consensus, but there does need to exist a trust and that wonderful base of all good improv work—in theatre and in life--”Yes...and...” This provides the open door to proceed and see what great things might happen, outside of the realm of our own limited imagination.

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      If you haven't heard of Noel Coward, now is the time we make sure that you have. He was British. He was classy. He was funny. He wrote plays, composed, directed, acted, sang. His plays include Private Lives, Hay Fever, Present Laughter, Design for Living and a few score more. Remember the Julie Andrews film STAR!; he was portrayed in that story of Gertrude Lawrence.

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      I don't know much about Johnny Cash. My brother listened to him all the time and knows a lot about him and can sing many of his songs. I know a few songs and can identify his voice, but know very little about the man and his challenges/struggles. I'm looking forward to walking around in his skin for the next few months. (Not to mention replacing the earworm from “Candy Man” to “I Walk the Line.”)

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